“ESKOS” PLC – Quality, Professionalism, Honesty

ESKOS company specializes in the sale of machinery and equipment for construction, imported from Italy, high quality and attractive prices.


Industrial premises and facilities, parks and open spaces

We offer

– Sector Dry storage;
– Sector Open storage area.

Tower cranes

Mechanical. Hydraulic. Accessories crane. Quick installation.

Accessories for crane

– Pallet forks;
– Cables for concrete.


Modular-mobile scaffold. Framework-scaffolding. Aluminum ladders.


– machinery for armature;
– elevators;
– concrete mixers;
– combined machines.


Office container. Tin container. Metal container for tools.

Construction beams

The new beam of wood H 20 with its tin rib 9 layers, ensuring a higher lift capacities up to 30%.

Company “Eskos” PLC offers warehouse and logistics

Company “Eskos” PLC is an established name in the market of warehousing and logistics activities. More than 20 years the company provides services in the following areas:

  • warehousing and logistics implemented in a wide range of upgraded storage facilities and infrastructure, dry warehouses and open storage areas;
  • providing production halls for rent;
  • providing office space for rent;
  • providing TIR – parking.
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We stand to you with a straight face, because we have proven over time!


Company ESKOS PLC rents open spaces, lots of different places for stores and truck parking.

Also rents offices in the administrative part of the complex.

Prices negotiable.

Company “ESKOS” PLC is an Italian company Syngenta plant “Marshall Tolbuhin” – Sofia branch of “comfort” city. Sofia.

The company employs recognized experts in this field who, with great professionalism applied his many years of experience. Our team of specialists monitors modern technological developments and the company is constantly evolving and modernized. Our material facilities and equipment meet the dynamics of modern regulations.

ESKOS” Ltd. activity:

  • Production of wooden windows and various types of doors;
  • Manufacturer of prefabricated houses;
  • Production of garden furniture.

We sell and rent construction equipment, imported from Italy:

  • facade and modular scaffold;
  • tower cranes and accessories;
  • wagon for offices and storage rooms;
  • containers for tools;
  • formwork systems;
  • formwork girders;
  • telescopic props;
  • concrete-mixer
  • machinery for armature;
  • saws;
  • winch;
  • concrete vibrators;
  • aluminum ladder and others.